RCC-1 Clock Cable

This reference clock cable uses artificial satellite-grade wire. Get the most out of the X-3 and extract the soul of music. This cable uses SMA connectors with superb high frequency properties.


  • Length: 1.2m
  • Impedeance: 50Ω
  • Included accessories: MA–BNC converter plug x 2

RBC-1 / RBC-3 Balance Cable

A single copper wire cable coated with a lightweight foamed Teflon film and processed to transmit sound of a quality so ideal that it becomes the Standard. This non-shielded balance cable maximizes the natural and vivid sound of SOULNOTE. Cable connectors feature engravings with two types of logos to make cable pairs easy to distinguish.


  • Length RBC-1: 1.5m
  • Length RBC-3: 3m
  • Quantity: 1 pair (L/R)

RSC-10 Speaker Cable

This speaker cable employs a single copper wire coated with lightweight foamed Teflon and offers exceptional transient response properties. With no line capacitance and quick reactions impervious to vibration resistance, this reference cable delivers only the best performance from SOULNOTE amplifiers.


  • Length: 10m
  • Core line: Single line

RAR-001 / RAR-201 / RAR-301 Audio Rack

The photograph shows a sample four pole configuration using RAR-001 (bottom rack) and two RAR-301 (middle and top rack).

This reference audio rack was created specifically for the sound quality tests used when developing SOULNOTE products. By combining the RAR-001 base rack with the RAR-201 and RAR-301 expansion racks it is possible to build endless rack combinations. The base rack accommodates both three and four grounding spike configurations.

    Available in three colors: black, brown and natural wood.


    • RAR-001 B: Base/Black
    • RAR-001 R: Base/Brown
    • RAR-001 Y: Base/Natural Yellow
    • RAR-201 B: 20cm Extension unit/Black
    • RAR-201 R: 20cm Extension unit/Brown
    • RAR-201 Y: 20cm Extension unit/Natural Yellow
    • RAR-301 B: 30cm Extension unit /Black
    • RAR-301 R: 30cm Extension unit /Brown
    • RAR-301 Y: 30cm Extension unit /Natural Yellow
    • External dimensions RAR-001: 660(W)×90(H)×450(D)mm
    • External dimensions RAR-201: 660(W)×220(H)×450(D)mm
    • External dimensions RAR-301: 660(W)×320(H)×450(D)mm
    • Material body: Laminated birch wood (Thickness 20mm)
    • Material pole: Aluminum (Black anodized aluminum)