Soulnote A-1 Integrated Amplifier

To extract the best from the unique characteristics of SOULNOTE's original perfectly balanced, discrete non-NFB circuits, we re-examined every minute detail of our amplifiers for possible improvements, like incorporating ground plane star wiring, centralizing local non-NFB regulators, implementing direct coupling routes, optimizing the tuning of the drive current, and more. This helped us achieve even more vibrancy and speed while also providing a wider sound range.

A-1 Details

Soulnote E-1 Phono Equalizer

Building upon the circuit layout of our legendary ph1.0 Phono Equalizer. An upgraded phono equalizer that pursues the unlimited possibilities of analog recordings.

E-1 Details

Soulnote D-1N D/A Converter

Compatible with 32-bit/768 kHz PCM and 22.6 MHz DSD (DSD512) sound sources. A perfectly balanced discrete non-NFB D/A converter using independent monaural modes equipped with non-oversampling mode.

D-1N Details