Soulnote A-3 Integrated Amplifier

P-3 (pre-amplifier) and 2x M-3 (monoblock) into one enclosure without compromise.

A-3 Details

Soulnote X-3 Clock Generator

Born out of discovery of World-first designing principle. It's an incredible breakthrough in designing Clock generator.

X-3 Details

Soulnote Z-3 Network Transport

Flagship Network Transport developed to maximize ability of ZERO LINK by eliminating any bottlenecks at the development stage.

Z-3 Details

Soulnote M-3 Monoblock Power Amplifier

Newly incorporated industrial grade can-type output transistors to achieve a perfect non-negative feedback single push-pull structure. Monoblock power amplifier that lets high-end speakers around the world provide playback bursting with emotion.

M-3 Details

Soulnote D-3 D/A Converter

The ultimate D/A converter with ZERO asynchronous circuits.

D-3 Details

Soulnote P-3 Preamplifier

Fully integrated ultralow-loss custom relay RSR-2-12D and naked foil resistor. A monster preamplifier for truly live and enjoyable music performances.

P-3 Details

Soulnote S-3 Reference Super Audio CD Player

The ultimate digital playback system with clock synchronization. Extremely powerful Super Audio CD player that reproduces delicate natural sounds and liveliness.

S-3 Reference Details